OREM, Utah — Utah Valley University plans to add six new fully online degrees to its curriculum for a total of 40 online programs. The new degrees include a BA/BS in applied communication, a BS in digital marketing, a MS in engineering and technology management, a BA/BS in public relations and strategic communication, a BS in psychology, and a BS in respiratory therapy.

Well before the shift to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, university leadership signaled the shift to more flexible learning options through its UVU Vision 2030 strategic plan. UVU Online officially launched a little over a year ago after sustained efforts by academic and support administrators, faculty, and staff to get serious about online learning. Nearly 1,000 UVU faculty were certified in online teaching. The university developed more than 150 new online courses, ensured that existing online courses were peer-reviewed, and explored the role of online success coaches. UVU was motivated to provide greater access to its students through flexible offerings because 80% of students were employed. The combination of face-to-face and online courses helped students build workable schedules and complete their degrees.

UVU is focused on H.B. 328, which provides tuition support for qualified adult learners who return to school through online programs geared towards job-ready areas. The five new online degrees provide both broad and professional options for adult learners. UVU has launched several new Learn and Work certificate programs geared towards high-demand workforce areas. UVU’s Adult Learner Task Force is working to address the needs of adult learners better and is in the process of conducting a needs analysis of its adult learners.

New online communication degrees

“The faculty in the Department of Communication are excited to offer students two opportunities to complete a communication degree entirely online,” says Dr. David Morin, chair of the Department of Communication. Both of the new online communication degrees include stackability features that encourage students to earn an online AA/AS in humanities before earning the bachelor’s degree, as well as earning a Global Intercultural Distinction. These stackable credentials make it easy for students to take a leave of absence or even change majors without needing to repeat certain general education courses. UVU’s award-winning communication department focuses on creating online learning experiences based on real-world problems and providing students with remote access to a public speaking lab. “We are confident that a student graduating from our online program will have the skills needed to find success in a wide variety of careers,” says Dr. Stevie Munz, assistant professor of communication. Click on the hyperlinks to learn more about the online applied communication or public relations and strategic communication degrees.

New online engineering and technology management degree

The Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management (MS-ETM) is the only program of its kind in the state designed specifically to prepare working professionals for management positions within their respective technical fields. Engineering and technology professionals learn to make process-, product-, and project-oriented strategic and operational decisions and become leaders in managing technology by connecting engineering, science, and management. The MS-ETM is a flexible learning program delivered in a part-time online format over five semesters, allowing students to finish in 20 months. Online coursework includes opportunities for virtual collaborative projects and is supplemented with elective activities, such as on-campus events and in-person social networking opportunities. This combination of online courses and elective live events creates a rich environment for engaged learning for working professionals, providing participants a rigorous, relevant, and practical foundation for their technical management careers. To learn more about this new degree or apply for our fall 2021 cohort, visit the MS-ETM website at uvu.edu/ms-etm.

New online psychology degree

The BS in psychology is one of UVU’s largest degree programs, and fully online delivery will provide greater access to many students. This degree is highly customizable, which gives students flexible options for selecting courses that will best prepare them for their chosen career or graduate school program. A bachelor’s degree in psychology provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about mental health, human behavior, and cognitive processes while also helping to improve practical skill sets in written and verbal communication, content application, critical thinking, and problem-solving. To learn more about the online psychology program, visit uvu.edu/besc/online/psych.

New online digital marketing degree

The digital marketing major at UVU offers an analytical, applied, engaged-learning approach to digital marketing. Students learn a balance of marketing strategy, content creation, graphic design, and website and social media analytics for marketing campaigns. The digital marketing major offers an expanding menu of beginning and advanced courses that allow students to use their digital marketing skills for live engaged-learning clients. To learn more about the online digital marketing program, visit uvu.edu/woodbury/online/digitalmarketing.

New online respiratory therapy degree

This online BS degree is designed for registered respiratory therapists with an AS degree to advance their careers by obtaining a bachelor’s degree online while being able to still work in the industry. Many organizations continue to set higher standards for respiratory therapists and respiratory care and are requiring a bachelor’s degree for employment. With this degree, students will excel beyond the minimum requirements and qualify themselves for positions to expand responsibilities into areas of management, research, education leadership, and more. To learn more, visit uvu.edu/chps/respiratory/online/rt.

UVU began offering online courses in 1998 with the aviation sciences program, which continues to rank in the top-10 online flight programs in the nation. The number of online courses grew slowly but steadily and began increasing rapidly when UVU President Astrid S. Tuminez and other leaders released Vision 2030. The plan calls for reducing barriers that keep or slow down students from graduating, increasing online and hybrid offerings, increasing stackable credentials and pathways, and expanding flexible class delivery.

For more information on any of UVU’s online programs or courses, see UVU Online.


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