Vobev makes, fills, and ships cans under one roof, enabling customers to go to market faster.

Everything under one roof

Vobev is the first independent can maker and filler in North America to streamline the beverage supply chain under one manufacturing roof. The manufacturing facility will open in Q4 2021 and produce, fill, package and ship a variety of beverages. The Vobev business model of combining everything under one roof will significantly shrink production lead times by weeks or months, reduce costs, and decrease product carbon footprint.

From our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, our business model is efficient, and production will be environmentally friendly! Every can produced in our facility is made from aluminum, one of the most recycled products in the U.S. In addition to utilizing a truly sustainable and recyclable raw material, Vobev will practice eco-friendly methods like water reclamation to minimize our overall carbon footprint. No plastics. No glass. Just aluminum.

Our facility’s purpose is speed and flexibility. The state-of-the-art Vobev facility will be a development hub for the aluminum can and beverage industry. We will help customers capitalize on innovation and scale without risk— and provide the possibility to introduce new high-quality products each month. Vobev can help new and established brands with everything from recipe creation and packaging design to storage of product and shipping.

Collaboration and innovation

We’re also looking to partner with local suppliers and individuals who desire to work for a “people first” organization that uses a collaborative culture to drive innovation. In addition to locally sourcing employees, Vobev will stimulate Utah’s economy through the development of business relationships, taxes, and local employment opportunities.

Vobev believes in building world class drinkable brands and needs a collaborative team to deliver on this vision. Over the next 18 months, Vobev will bring as many as 400 highly skilled jobs to Salt Lake City. We invest in the future of our people by offering competitive pay, benefits, and training on state-of-the-art equipment.

“Our leadership team is extremely proud of the collaborative culture we are creating,” said Eric Cudnohoske, General Manager of Vobev. “We are most excited to build an organization and brand that delivers best-in-class products, and we can’t do that without amazing people. Vobev is structured to empower individuals to have a voice, and we can’t wait to see the future we build together.”

Safety, Quality, and People

The Vobev culture is built on a set of three core values: Safety, Quality, and People. Vobev is a company that embraces diverse perspectives and experiences in an innovative and collaborative workplace. Our leadership team consists of a diverse group of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of safety, quality, people, manufacturing, beverage production, and customer service. Leaders at Vobev are building a positive workplace culture with a focus on building long term success. Together we have a responsibility to inspire others, and to lead them to attain the vision and goals of our organization.

Expect more information on how you can join our team in Salt Lake City, Utah and help reshape the industry in the coming months. To keep current on the latest company developments, visit the Vobev website or LinkedIn page.