Utah’s position as the best economy in the nation
is the result of focus, energy and effort.

The same intentional and holistic work is needed to create an Innovation Network along the Wasatch Front.

What is the business case?

As Utah grows, the space between our communities, governments, learning institutions and businesses shrinks. We can no longer think of lines on a map as the delineations that define us. Universities and colleges must work together to train the workforce needed to drive innovation. Local governments must work together to “grow the pie” for all communities along the Wasatch Front. The business community must work together to build an ecosystem that supports collective success. We must always remember that at the heart of this effort is creating an economy that supports upward mobility and prosperity for individuals, families and communities.

The Wasatch Innovation Network is founded on the belief that business leaders are stewards and creators, not just beneficiaries, of the economic ecosystem. The Wasatch Innovation Network will provide a vision for that ecosystem and turn that vision into reality through collaborating on innovation across industries, planning and creating to accelerate job growth, talent recruitment and economic prosperity that will benefit the Wasatch Front, State of Utah and Intermountain West.

Initial Objectives

  • Develop a unified vision for creating a best-in-class entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Influence public policy at state and local level related to transportation, education, tax incentives, talent recruitment and workforce development.

  • Create network effects from pulling all the innovation nodes together.

  • Influence development with Point of Mountain Commission, Tech Lake City, Northwest Quadrant, Innovation Campus, Falcon Hill Aerospace Research Park, etc.

  • Advocate for improved multi-modal transportation network along the Innovation Network.

  • Support IP commercialization at higher education institutions.

Innovation Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Information Technology

Biotech and Life Sciences

Defense and Aerospace




Venture Capital

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