Chanshare Sod Farms Teaches How To Reduce Landscape Water Use By Over 50%

Most homeowners apply 50”+ of supplemental water to maintain their landscape every year.  Chanshare Sod Farms uses less than 24” per year, to actively grow their Water-Wise Bluegrass.  Chanshare Farms started growing Bluegrass in 1979. Part of their mission statement dictates that they will be good stewards of the land while beautifying and conserving the environment.   Water conservation has been a huge part of their stewardship. They are also focused on teaching other maintenance practices that will allow them to WaterWise their Lawns, Landscapes and Technology.  They launched a new website,, in May which teaches how to decrease landscape water use on residential and commercial properties.  In addition to the new website, Chanshare educates people by publishing monthly lawn care tips, a Residential Lawn Care Guide (which is free to download from the website) and through participation in lawn and garden fairs.

In 1979 Chanshare started growing turf moving water pipes by hand.  Since then, they have progressed to wheel lines, pressurized lines and now use center irrigation pivots.   Chanshare Sod is now watered using a computerized, pressurized system that carefully monitors flow and output.  Each advance in technology has decreased the amount of water used to grow its sod.

Chanshare Farms maintains a strong focus on research.  They have worked with USU to evaluate new seed varieties to discover drought-tolerant seed blends suited for the Intermountain Region.  They spent 4 years maintaining test plots at Daybreak defining optimal watering, fertilizing, and maintenance regimens. They worked closely with Dr. Frank Williams, Emeritus Professor of Horticulture at BYU, to ensure that their maintenance practices are duplicable on residential landscapes.  Chanshare consistently analyzes maintenance, watering, and fertilization practices. They experiment regularly with soil profiles to ensure they are always driving down their water use.

All this has helped Chanshare to decrease their water use to less than half that of the average homeowner.  Their research is consistently being validated. Shane Richards, Turf and Irrigation Manager for Clearfield City who holds a Master’s Degree in Turf Science, recently confirmed that “20 inches of supplemental irrigation is sufficient to maintain a healthy bluegrass lawn in Northern Utah.  Bluegrass is one of the best-suited ground covers for our region, and if maintained properly can be very water-wise.”

If you want to conserve water while maintaining a green, healthy lawn, Chanshare Farms is the expert, an excellent example, and dependable resource.  You can find more information at or