Since its beginning, Garbett Homes has sought to not only provide competitively priced homes that provide lasting value and savings to our buyers, but also housing that takes into account the bigger picture; that bigger picture being Utah and its resources. As Garbett has tried to differentiate from the competition and continually innovate their building process, we remain conscious of our state’s desert environment.

In the last two years, Garbett has taken steps to make an impact on water conservation within the homes and communities we build. For example, we offer our buyers water conserving or low flow fixtures, toilets and tankless water heaters which help them conserve. The most recent aspects of our commitment to water conservation efforts that stem from partnerships with the U.S. Department of Energy on building our homes to the Zero Energy Ready standards, and with Slow the Flow for the “Flip Your Strip” initiative and Localscapes program.

Through our partnership with Slow the Flow, we launched the “Flip Your Strip” initiative, an effort to reduce up to 10,000 gallons of water waste a year in landscaped park strips in our communities.  The campaign was launched as an option for buyers in our Daybreak community and has since been implemented into our other communities that have park strips. This partnership brought us more than just “Flip Your Strip”, it allowed us to get more serious about the exterior water use on our homes outside of just programmable sprinklers.  

As a result of “Flip Your Strip”, Garbett has joined forces with Jordan Valley Water Conservation District (JVWCD) on Localscapes, “landscape for where you live”. Garbett is all in on this idea, becoming an official Localscapes partner.  Localscapes are landscapes that look great but also are suited for Utah’s unique geography and weather, which allows Garbett to still provide the green lawn that our buyers want, but provide it in a way that doesn’t waste. This also leads to a more diverse landscape with spaces for entertaining, which buyers enjoy. This effort has now become a Garbett Homes standard for all landscaping in the communities we build, with plans to implement Localscapes landscaping to our corporate office and the Garbett home later this year.