At Orbit® Irrigation Products, water is at the heart of everything we do, make, and sell. Our slogan, “Conservation through Innovation,” defines the multi-pronged approach our company has taken to protect our most precious resource: water.

Early on, Orbit recognized that efficient outdoor water use is one of the easiest and best ways to conserve water. We consciously develop products with water conservation in mind, and we believe we have hit the nail on the head with our newest product, the Orbit B-hyve Smart Sprinkler Timer.

B-hyve allows you to water smart and connects to local weather data giving your landscape the exact amount of water that it needs.  We don’t like seeing sprinklers turned on in the rain, and with smart watering, your B-hyve sprinkler timer will automatically adjust to any changes in the weather.  

The B-hyve app allows you to completely program your B-hyve timer straight from your smart device or computer.  Enter your soil type, sun exposure, local weather, and more to start watering smart. After our initial launch in the spring of 2016, the Orbit B-hyve has already saved over 1 billion gallons of water.

In addition, Orbit provides many free, online tools to support users in understanding and managing their watering needs. Orbit’s Chief Conservation Officer and COO, Stuart Eyring, promoted these projects to get more people engaged in the process of saving water. “We wanted to make saving water an easy thing for people to do without having to sacrifice the beauty of their landscape—and make it free for everyone to use.”

Orbit holds itself to a high standard in water conservation. As a sprinkler manufacturer, we continually quality-test our products at our facility in North Salt Lake. We have invested in a comprehensive water recycling program that allows us to recycle about 90% of the water used in testing.

By making water conservation a priority for our company, we estimate that millions of gallons have been saved through outreach efforts alone. Our goal, however, is to push well beyond that and save billions of gallons by simply changing watering behavior through promoting smart irrigation products and easy-to-understand tools.