At Rio Tinto Stadium, we take all efforts possible to conserve water. Our goal is to have the best pitch (soccer term for grass) possible when we host a home match. The best pitch provides our team with a competitive advantage… which enhances the Real Salt Lake fan experience.

Real Salt Lake has made an effort to minimize the amount of grounds to water, but the water used is vital. To offset the higher water consumption on the pitch, we have determined areas around the stadium where we can conserve or eliminate water usage.

Our landscaping throughout the Stadium grounds is designed with water conservation in mind. Rio Tinto Stadium uses a drip system and ground cover to limit evaporation. Also, landscaping is designed with water-wise plants rather than planting a lot of grass throughout the grounds.

Also, Carnival Real, a one-acre area used to host fans in a fun outdoor area, was modified with water conservation top of mind. The gravel and grass area was replaced with artificial turf, completely eliminating the need to water. Minimal landscaping was used as well in Carnival Real’s perimeter. Original plans included a water feature, but were modified due to the need of strict water conservation efforts.