Salt Lake Chamber releases statement on Utah’s new water plan

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Lane Beattie, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber, issued the following statement regarding the release of the state’s new water strategy.

“Business interest in water is fundamental. Water touches every sector of our economy and impacts our regional and global competitiveness. Not only is this finite resource an essential part of many business processes, it provides recreational opportunities and natural beauty that attracts great companies and employees to our state.

For too long water policy has been a conversation between a narrow set of stakeholders. The Salt Lake Chamber has provided a great deal of commentary during this process and many of our conclusions are reflected in this new plan. We appreciate the efforts of those involved, and the opportunity for the business community to have a voice in this process. The state’s plan represents an important step to meeting our long-term water needs, protecting our current water resources and making disciplined investments.

The business community will continue to advocate for a data-driven water strategy that allows for disciplined planning before infrastructure investment, as well as, aggressive conservation, including optimization of water usage by businesses; policy that prices water to reflect its true value by having users bear the primary role in funding infrastructure; and utilizing public-private partnerships to address the financial needs for existing infrastructure.

We deeply appreciate the leadership of Rep. Hawkes, Warren Peterson and Tage Flint to work with the diverse stakeholders and work towards consensus. We look forward to working with all of them, the Governor and Legislature, local community leaders and many other stakeholders in the future to meet our long-term water needs.”


Salt Lake Chamber
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