We have all read the headlines and we are seeing that cyber attacks are increasing at an alarming rate, the ransom amounts are going up exponentially. Businesses are under pressure to have prevention measures and a solution in place. With new varieties of ransomware threats on the rise, your data is continually at risk.

Despite prevention efforts, the attacks still capitalize on human error. So when prevention fails, will you still be prepared to recover your data? How can you weather these attacks and come out unharmed on the other side?

Cybersecurity experts that assist businesses large and small share ways to be successful in defending against paying the hefty sum. Learn how your organization can:

  • Learn how having robust cybersecurity and compliance practices can lead to more opportunity, revenue, and profit for your business.
  • Learn how Utah State House Bill 80 can help protect your company in the event of a cyber-incident.
  • React faster, improve compliance and reduce errors.
  • Mitigate threats before, during, and after malicious events.
  • Keep your data ready and prevent mission downtime.


  • Tara D. Anderson, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Nexus IT Consultants
  • Earl Foote, Founder and CEO Nexus IT Consultants
  • JR Maycock, Chief Information Officer – Perpetual Storage, Inc.
  • Jeff Smith, Corporate Development Officer, WebCheck Security