SALT LAKE CITY – Western Governors University (WGU) has named Roy Bosch as the strategic partnerships manager to increase equity in higher education among underserved populations in Utah.

In this position, Bosch launches relationships with organizations to raise awareness about the opportunities available to people looking to further their education and skillsets. Through his initiatives, Bosch identifies the needs of the state and its workforce to help guide the right people to the right positions. Specifically, his associations with the Hispanic and Venezuelan communities allow Bosch to help new Americans establish successful lives in Utah.

“Our state is growing and it is paramount that underserved populations are represented in every aspect of society,” states Bosch. “Many of the immigrants whom I work with are professionals in their home country – they work in education, health care, and technology. I want to help our community recognize this talent and be able to offer a new professional pathway through education that will impact generations to come.”

WGU is committed to equity by ensuring underrepresented communities have access to higher education. The online university does this by providing accessible, accredited, and affordable academic programs through the use of technology that allow students to complete their programs independent of time or place. WGU provides programs to prepare traditionally underserved students for thriving careers in demand in the 21st-century workplace.

Bosch brings more than a decade of experience in education and community relations to the WGU team. He encourages others to pursue higher education opportunities as he continues to do. Bosch was the first international student to be admitted to and complete the BYU – Idaho online program, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business communications. He later advanced his education with a master’s degree in public administration from BYU Marriot School of Business. He is currently working on his second master’s degree – this time in mass communications. Prior to joining WGU, Bosch utilized his education and outreach skills to serve as a project manager in five South American countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.

“WGU has an objective to increase access to education among underserved populations in Utah,” said Ismar Vallecillos, director of WGU’s Northwest Region. “Roy has a specific role to connect with community-serving institutions and increase awareness of the value WGU offers. He creates genuine connections and has a passion to help underrepresented communities benefit from the value of higher education.”

Bosch is looking forward to supporting WGU’s mission of changing lives for the better by creating pathways to opportunity. He encourages others to get involved in the community and improve Utah for everyone.

Bosch is continuously looking to establish new partnerships and create more opportunities for all, and he welcomes new connections. Connect with Roy Bosch.


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