Election day is around the corner and, along with candidates for public office, this year’s ballot has a number of initiatives Utah voters will have the opportunity to vote on. One of these initiatives is called Question 1. This initiative focuses on increasing funding in education. Before it’s time to cast those ballots, here are some facts Utah voters should know.

  • For 20 years per pupil investment, adjusted for inflation, has remained flat in Utah.
  • 42 percent of Utah teachers leave the teaching profession within their first five years of teaching.
  • Today, more than half of Utah’s students are not proficient in math, science, or English.
  • This initiative asks Utahns if our state gas tax should be increased by 10 cents per gallon.
  • This increase would cost the average Utah driver $4 per month.
  • The increase would also generate an additional $180 million in state revenue.
  • 70 percent of this state revenue would be invested in education.
  • Schools would receive $150 per student per year.
  • The remaining 30 percent of the state revenue generated from the state gas tax would be invested in improving deteriorating roads.
  • The funding received by schools can only be used for academic purposes and will not go towards construction of school buildings, expanding district administration or athletics.
  • The funding could be invested in teacher salaries, reducing class size, professional development, hiring more teachers and school support staff, technology and more.

For more information on Question 1, visit https://www.q1facts.com

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