Tell us your most rewarding entrepreneurial experience?

Our most rewarding experience thus far has been the amount of support and blind faith we have received from vendors, sponsors and attendees. We are so grateful for the support.

What do you see as the biggest challenge women face in business ownership today?

Lack of self-confidence.

What is your recommendation to resolve that issue?

To surround ourselves with like-minded and positive people that are working towards similar goals. The more we work and support each other, the stronger and more successful we will become.

In what other ways are you involved in the community?

We volunteer our time for the betterment of local women’s religious groups through service, visiting, public speaking and welfare. We are also big advocates of supporting local businesses and helping grow their brand.

What motivates you?

To build a community where small business owners and large brands to successfully achieve a common goal that is mutually beneficial.

What pearl of wisdom or tip would you share with young female professionals and entrepreneurs?

Utilize as many local resources as possible. Reach up, not down or sideways. Tackle each task head on one day at a time. If you look at everything you have to do, you will become overwhelmed and quit. Dominate don’t compete!