Executive Vice President Zions Bank

Because March is Women’s History Month, we are highlighting women in the Utah business community. We’re looking at their personal stories to help explain how they got to where they are today. Feature: Lori Chillingworth, Executive VP Small Business, Zions Bank

About our Feature

Lori Chillingworth has served as executive vice president of Zions Bank’s Small Business Division since 2010. She oversees loan approval and management of the bank’s $900 million portfolio of small business banking for businesses under $5 million in gross annual revenue, including the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loan program. She had served as senior vice president and director of Business Banking since 2008. In 1997, Chillingworth was hired as the founding manager of the Zions Bank Women’s Financial Group. Under her leadership, the Women’s Financial Group was honored with the 1998 Advisory Council Award from the SBA for its contributions to women business owners. In 2001, the SBA honored the group as the Women in Business Advocate of the Year. Chillingworth is a graduate of the Pacific Coast Banking School, and wrote her thesis on “Women, Money & Banking.”