Tell us your most rewarding entrepreneurial experience

The whole process. Starting from nothing, then forming and creating the end result of White Elephant Exchange and Boutique. Looking at all the layers that went into it and how it became this awesome creation. How amazing is that!

What do you see as the biggest challenge women face in business ownership today?

People not taking you seriously. People thinking that I couldn’t be a business owner because I’m a young women in a male dominated state. Or I didn’t have the comprehension (smarts and courage). I’m looked at so differently by men when they know I’m a business owner.

What is your recommendation to resolve that issue?

Just a non-judgmental attitude about gender and what different genders are capable of.

In what other ways are you involved in the community?

Donating and local support.

What motivates you?

Common passion for the arts, understanding and appreciation for and from the local community and supporting one another. Setting an example by doing my best. The love for progression. Listening to people and there thoughts and ideas.

What pearl of wisdom or tip would you share with young female professionals and entrepreneurs?

You can do anything you want if you want it bad enough. connect with other women in business in your community( they know it best). Social media is huge (unfortunately), make sure you take care of yourself. It’s ok to let other people help you (if they do it better then you).