From DJs and board ops to assignment desk clerks and PAs, it takes a lot of people to run KSL Newsradio 102.7FM/1160AM, Utah’s oldest radio station. Who makes sure that customers receive the attention they need, build successful marketing campaigns that utilize broadcast media as well as a multitude of digital platforms? That’s Stephanie Palmer, director of sales for KSL Newsradio.

This Women’s History Month, we’re getting a behind-the-scenes look into the day-to-day lives of female leaders from around the state. Stephanie has been with KSL Newsradio for 32 years and has had extensive industry training. So, take a look at what it’s like to manage a team of advertising executives at Utah’s oldest radio station.

4:45 am: Alarm goes off…ugh! The snooze button is my friend, I hit it twice and then I check my email for the daily billing report. I roll out of bed at 5:00 am, let out my pup, Fox, and get myself physically and mentally ready for a morning workout (COFFEE!!).

6:10 am: Once here…I LOVE this class. After hearing about Centerville’s Fit Body Boot Camp on KSL’s Speaking on Business report a few months ago, I checked it out and joined the very next day. I have to give a shout out to the morning instructor Sabrina. She’s very motivating and knows how to keep it fun. As she likes to say, “you can do anything for 30 minutes!”

8:00 am: My phone rings just as I’m about to head out the door. My son needs a little help and asks if I can take my 2-year-old grandson to the babysitter. It’s a little out of the way and I have a 9 am sales meeting scheduled. But there’s still time and I’ll take any chance I can get to see the bug, he makes me laugh constantly. I drop him off and walk into my office at 8:40 am plenty of time to spare. I go over emails and make sure the sales meeting agenda is current.

9:00 am: Sales Meeting. This meeting is bi-monthly. We start with recognition of our team members and then client success stories. We go over our upcoming events, digital offerings, programming elements, etc. Today, specifically, we are rolling out a new program surrounding our Saturday Greenhouse Show, so we finish up the meeting with a little planting project.

10:10 am: Leave the office with a team of sales people to meet with Orbit. KSL is planning a big Initiative around Earth Day in the month of April. The meeting is with their marketing team to brainstorm ways to get them involved.

12:00 pm: Back at the station, I grab a quick lunch and proceed to make our commercial traffic manager happy by approving the sales orders that are backing up in the system.

1:00 pm: Each week I meet with every Account Manager for an Individual Focus Meeting (IFM). 30 minutes of going over accounts, brainstorming ideas, working through issues.  My door is always open for any questions, issues, etc. I’m usually available and that gets taken advantage of (some days more than others). But IFM’s are a more structured account of the business being done.

3:00 pm: Weekly conference call for the group with our consulting firm to go over our commercial inventory, avails and pricing. It’s a quick call as the other two managers are on appointments, so we just cover KSL Newsradio.

4:00 pm: Another client meeting. Our annual Give-a-Thon for Primary Children’s Hospital is in May and we are meeting with the PR Department for Walmart to discuss ideas on how they can further their involvement.

5:45 pm: Home in time to take Fox for a quick walk (the highlight of his day). Then I head out to pick up my son and his family and make the 30-minute drive to All Star Lanes in West Jordan. It’s my mom’s 79 birthday. She’s an avid bowler and the entire family (all 30 plus of us) are meeting up for a little food and some competitive play, key word “some” as 76 was my high score.

10:00 pm: Home and start the winding down process. 4:45am comes early!

Fun Fact: Stephanie is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys all the benefits of living in Utah. She loves to travel, read, cook and “hang” with her family and friends. Stephanie has three fun, successful, adult children and four amazing grandkids!

A little bit about Women’s History Month:
The national celebration began in 1981, when Congress authorized the President of the United States to proclaim the week beginning in March 7, 1982 as “Women’s History Week.” After turning it into a full month in 1987, in 1988 Congress passed additional resolutions giving the power to the President to sign off on every March being designated as “Women’s History Month.”