The education environment hasn’t been the same since the cancellation of in-classroom learning over 10 months ago. We’ve watched schools “ping-pong” from online to in person while students who have stayed online all school year struggle academically. Salt Lake School District has seen an 8% decrease in enrollment and 1,500 more students failing a class than last year.

Virtual learning has added stress for students and educators and working parents who are trying to balance their job, school and family all from under one roof.

The AT&T Believe Salt Lake event focused on the mental wellness of students, educators and working parents, and discussed:

  1. how to help you stay well,
  2. what programs/curriculum are in place to help students achieve social/emotional wellness,
  3. what the private/nonprofit sector is doing and can do to help students, educators and parents be well in these stressful conditions, and
  4. what we all can do over the next six months to help students, teachers, staff and parents be successful as our students, particularly graduates, prepare to enter the workforce.

Learn more about several of the free mental health and wellness tools and resources available to our community, aimed at helping students, teachers, parents, individuals and companies.


  • Sydnee Dickson, Superintendent, Utah State Public Instruction
  • Shannon Dulaney, Chair, Utah Schools Superintendent Association
  • Morissa Henn, Community Health Director, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Will Leavitt, Project Facilitator, SafeUT
  • Tara Thue, President, Mountain West States, AT&T

Slide Decks: