This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Diversity and inclusion are critical factors that keep businesses competitive. Sara Jones founded InclusionPro in 2017 to help companies amplify inclusion as a core leadership skill and develop diverse and inclusive work cultures to keep our Utah companies competitive. Here’s Sara to tell us more.


I’ve spent over 20 years helping build Utah’s business community – from patent lawyer to tech entrepreneur to CEO. I founded InclusionPro to help executive leaders align their diversity, equity and inclusion work to their core business strategy, which is key to transformational change.

When inclusive behaviors are taught and modeled, team members feel valued, solve problems more creatively, and engage meaningfully to build the business. Sometimes DEI initiatives feel intended for only a minority of employees at a company. My goal is to reframe this work so that all team members are valued as part of the solution. When employees understand that DEI includes everyone, team performance improves and businesses thrive.

Diverse and inclusive cultures start from the top: executive leaders are critical to successful organizational transformation. InclusionPro’s motto is: Lead with Inclusion, Value Diversity.


Through strategy, training and mission-driven learning, InclusionPro helps leaders understand that inclusion, diversity and equity are more than just keeping employees happy. It’s about business innovation through a different lens, with the potential to transform your company culture. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.