This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The Downtown Farmers Market in Salt Lake was created in 1992 to help bring fresh Utah products closer to the city and introduce positive activities in the community. Allison Einerson, Executive Director of Urban Food Connections of Utah, is here to share details about its mission and schedule.


The Downtown Farmers Market features more than 100 farms and ranches from within 250 miles of Salt Lake City. In addition to farm goods, area vendors offer handmade, locally produced food, beverages and crafts. Our motto is “Make it, bake it, grow it!”

The mission of the Market is to support sustainable, regional agriculture; to build community gathering places; to increase access to nutritious, local foods in urban areas; and to educate consumers about shopping local. With your support, we’re achieving the goals and ensuring that our community always has access to delicious, local food.

We feature fresh produce, honey, local meats, eggs, savory salsas and sauces, bountiful baked goods, delicious dairy products and products for pets and more.
The Winter Market at The Gateway is open every Saturday downtown. You can visit to learn more.


The Farmer’s Market is non-profit and an extension of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance. It’s sustained us for 31 years, helping small local farms and businesses bring their products directly to the public. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.