Photo Credit: Avalanche Studios

Avalanche Studios uses the power of video to create content that resonates with viewers and helps them see the benefits of a particular product or service.

“Avalanche Studios takes companies through the entire film and video production process,” said Dave Lindsay, owner of Avalanche Studios.

This entails anything from storyboarding, scripting, location scouting, filming, audio recording and editing.

“We create all kinds of marketing, advertising and branding content, including television commercials, website and event videos, motion graphics, documentaries and any other production that could benefit a business,” said Lindsay.

With over 25 years of production experience, Avalanche Studios is an expert in creating content that’s not only engaging, but tells a story that resonates with viewers. 

“We help clients use the power of video to deliver the message they need to solve their communication problems,” said Lindsay. “We just use video as the means for solving them.”

Lindsay founded the company right out of college, after earning his degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Utah. 

“I’ve learned that not only do I have to make high-quality video content, but I also have to take care of my customers,” said Lindsay. “It’s really a customer service experience and process. I have to make sure my clients’ needs are met and they feel good about the work I create by doing the job it’s supposed to do.”

Lindsay also recalled the importance of supporting small businesses in the local community and how the Salt Lake Chamber has opened up the doors for such opportunities.

“The Chamber is a great connector for people and businesses in our community,” said Linsday. “For some people, it might be hard naturally to go out and meet other businesses. But Chamber events are designed to create an environment where it’s easy to meet people. When you get to know them, they become your friends, and it’s really easy to do business with them.”