Utah is a place for business and for opportunity; it is a place where you can experience the outdoors in its wildest forms and feel welcome when you walk out your door. The state is growing and it is changing — a reflection of the communities that breathe life into it. While the Black community in Utah is small, it is stronger than ever and growing every year. There is still so much work to be done, but there is a place for everyone in this community. Utah is a collaborative, creative and thriving place made up of people who are ready and able to change the world.

The Utah Black Chamber and Salt Lake Chamber hosted a webinar featuring Black Utah: Stories from a Thriving Community, the new book that highlights the stories and experiences of the Black community living in Utah. Hear from a handful of book contributors on why Utah has a community for them and how they are thriving in this increasingly dynamic corner of the Mountain West.



  • Shawn Newell, Diversity Council Co-Chair, Salt Lake Chamber