Chanshare Sod Farms is all about providing resilient sod and educating customers on how to conserve water through effective maintenance practices.

“Part of our mission statement is that we want to be good stewards of the land, beautify the environment and conserve water,” said Eric Marble, marketing manager of Chanshare Sod Farms. “So, we spend a lot of time and effort educating people on how to do that.”

It all started on a turkey farm, which was accidentally burnt down by Marble’s father and uncle when they were younger. Marble’s grandparents, who owned it, had come from many generations of farmers.

“They decided to take a chance on sod and share the profits,” said Marble. “And that’s actually how our name came about. Take a chance, share the profits Chanshare Sod Farms.”

All of Chanshare’s social media presence is centered around education, including sod and soil types and water usage.

“A lot of people think that when they put in a yard, all they have to do is water it, and then it should stay green,” said Marble. “That’s just not the case. People who do that generally end up using a hundred times more water than needs to be put on a lawn. So, we feel it’s really important for us to actually teach people how to properly maintain their lawns.”

Chanshare’s product, bluegrass, is resilient in drought situations. This allows prioritizing water use on plants.

“A lawn can still have the ability to thrive and bounce back for anywhere up to six weeks when water has been cut off,” said Marble. “In many cases, doing so will force it to push its roots into the ground, making a stronger and healthier lawn.”

As a family-owned business, Chanshare is a long-time supporter of the positive impact small businesses have on the local economy.

“When you’re working with and supporting a small business and helping the individuals in your community, the money stays in your community,” said Marble. “It turns over five to seven times more than it would in a large chain business.”

In addition to being a part of the local market, Chanshare is a member of the Salt Lake Chamber and serves on the Natural Resources Business Council (NRBC). Through business connections, Chanshare has been able to further promote water conservation and its product.

“Because one of our biggest things is outreach and educating people, it’s important for us to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on, politically and economically in the state,” said Marble. “Being a member of the Chamber and serving on the NRBC was right up our alley. It allows us to know what’s going on and have another set of eyes monitoring any kind of legislation around water. It also gives us an opportunity to network with people who are involved in the same type of political interests as us.”

Chanshare is also a partner with the Localscapes program and works with water conservation districts to influence legislation that positively impacts Utah communities.

“We’re glad to have the opportunity to draw upon many generations of farming and to be able to continue to provide a product that beautifies the environment, but also conserves,” said Marble. “I really enjoy being a part of that and being a part of the Chamber as well. I think that it’s definitely been something that’s had a positive impact upon our business.”

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