Photo Credit: Deer Valley

“Deer Valley’s founders revolutionized skiing, offering world-class luxury on a ski hill,” said Ryan Mayfield, content brand manager at Deer Valley Resort. “No one had done that before. We wanted to provide luxury accommodations, gourmet food and wonderful guest service.”

Although Deer Valley is renowned for its skiing, the resort has ramped up its summer offerings over the last ten years, providing scenic trail-lift rides, lift-access hiking, and downhill mountain bike trails.

“We have over 70 miles of mountain biking trails,” said Mayfield. “The crown jewels are our flow trails, which we work with Gravity Logic on to make wider, flowier trails that people have a lot of fun on. This year, we’re adding a couple more trails from midmountain down to the base of the snow park.”

Deer Valley is also known for its summer concert series, featuring the Utah Symphony. The resort also hosts the Greenvalley Bank Community Concert Series — four free Wednesday night concerts with local bands, presented by Mountain Town Music, a local music provider in Salt Lake City.

“Other summer activities Deer Valley provides, for families and adventurers alike, are horseback riding and stand-up paddle boarding,” said Mayfield. “We’re also excited to announce our new food and beverage upgrades and the Deer Valley Mountain Beer Festival.”

When Deer Valley was founded in 1981, it had 35 ski runs. Today, the resort provides 103 ski runs, 21 chair lifts, and 6 mountains. 

“People come to Deer Valley to ski,” said Mayfield. “But they might not know about that mom-and-pop shop on Main Street. Getting people to the resort really helps local businesses because we share the same customer base. When people come to Park City, they want to experience that small mountain-town atmosphere these local shops provide.”

Deer Valley is a member of the Salt Lake Chamber to have a voice at the table on community matters.

“Because Deer Valley is 35 miles away from Salt Lake International Airport, many of our guests’ first touch point is Salt Lake City, and many of our staff live there as well,” said Mayfield. “Being able to advocate for them, whether that’s buses to and from the resort or other things, has been extremely beneficial.”

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