The Salt Lake Chamber’s mission is to stand as the voice of business, support our members’ success and champion community prosperity. One way the Chamber fulfills this mission is by offering membership benefits that increase your organization’s exposure and overall success. This includes our Member News page, which allows members to share press releases, announcements and information on the Salt Lake Chamber’s webpage.

As a business association, one of the primary perks of Chamber membership is the ability to connect with other businesses and professionals. Through the Chamber’s communication channels, it’s easy to stay informed on what’s happening in the Utah business community. Luckily, it’s just as easy to access those channels for yourself and share your organization’s news.

The Member News page is a space to share press releases, business milestones and award announcements directly to the Chamber website, which receives thousands of views and clicks each week. Additionally, several articles are selected to be highlighted on the Chamber’s social media pages and newsletters, leading to even more exposure.

Here’s how to submit your article or post to the Member News page:

  1. Send your press release or story to and request that it be added to the Member News page.
  2. You can also add to your organization’s press/distribution list. We do our best to publish all relevant member news sent to us.

Once we’ve received your article, we will post it to the Chamber website. If you share the link on your social media channels, please tag us so we can like and reshare it!

Questions about your organization member benefits? Contact us at or give us a call at (801) 364-3631.