The Ken Garff Automotive Group, a leading automotive company in Utah, has received the esteemed Women’s Leadership Institute’s A. Scott Anderson Ally award. The accolade recognizes Ken Garff’s relentless efforts in promoting equality and diversity within the workplace.

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI), an organization dedicated to elevating the stature of women’s leadership, recognizes organizations making significant strides in fostering gender equality. The A. Scott Anderson Ally award is a testament to Ken Garff’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment.

“Ken Garff Automotive is a worthy recipient because they are a leader in intentionally investing in women and supporting WLI,” said Patricia Jones, WLI CEO. “In a male-dominated industry, Ken Garff is held up as an example of making culture change and setting an example for other companies, especially those that are male dominated.”

As a second-year participant in WLI’s ElevateHER Challenge, Ken Garff Automotive pledges to elevate the stature of women’s leadership, including increasing retention rates for women, addressing the gender pay gap, supporting women who run for political office, and adding women to boards and committees.

“We are honored to receive the A. Scott Anderson Ally award and continue to participate in the ElevateHER Challenge. It is a clear indication of our unwavering dedication toward promoting gender equality in the workplace,” said Brett Hopkins, CEO of Ken Garff Automotive. “This award is not just a reflection of our commitment but also of our actions. We have consistently worked toward creating an environment where every employee can thrive regardless of their gender.”

With a goal of having 30% of team members be women, Ken Garff has implemented several initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion, including leadership development programs for women, flexible working schedules, and a mentorship program that pairs female employees with executive mentors.

“This award is a significant milestone for us,” said Hopkins. “It validates our efforts and propels us to continue to improve diversity, inclusivity, female leadership and equal pay in the automotive industry. We believe in the power of women leaders and welcome their unique perspectives applied to our business. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone is valued and every voice matters.”

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