Your brain can process up to 70,000 thoughts per day. Those thoughts, feelings and emotions can actually affect your physical world. Whether or not you’re aware of it, you’re always manifesting. 

Remember that day you woke up in a bad mood, then you stubbed your toe on the bedpost, and later on your way to work you spilled your coffee? You just knew you were going to have a bad day, and it turns out you did. Was all of that just a coincidence or did you manifest it? 

What would have happened instead if you woke up and said, “I just know today is going to be a great day”? 

Manifesting is not just imagining something or wishing for something to happen and then having your wish magically come true. Manifesting, according to neuroscience, is intentionally training your brain and your nervous system to believe in something that hasn’t happened yet. It’s harnessing the power of your mind to create new thoughts, feelings and emotions to change the reality that you experience. It’s a powerful tool, but it’s not magic. Anyone can do it. Here’s how:

1.  Your Energy Creates Your Reality 

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest who you are.” In order to become your manifestation, you need to raise your energetic vibration. 

Quantum physics tells us that all physical matter at the subatomic level isn’t physical, it’s energetic. Which means that we aren’t just physical beings, we’re energetic beings. And our thoughts and feelings have vibrational frequencies. 

When we emit high-vibration energy, such as love, joy and gratitude, we attract high-vibration people and circumstances. The opposite is also true. When we emit low-vibe energy, like guilt, shame and fear, we attract low-vibe situations. 

For me, the easiest way I’ve found to stay “high-vibe” is to be in a state of gratitude. I start every day with a gratitude practice where I write down 10-15 things I’m grateful for. This practice raises my vibration and it puts me on a path to recognize other things throughout the day that I am grateful for. 

Remember, you are the only person who gets to control the frequency/energy you choose to operate in!

2.  Visualization 

When we understand that our thoughts can change our reality, we can channel our thoughts to manifest better health, harmonious relationships and success in our careers. 

Once we get clear on what it is we want to manifest, we can channel those thoughts and desires through visualization. If you had the one thing you really wanted today, how would you feel? How would it bring you more joy? How would it bring more joy to others?

Visualization is backed by neuroscience. Brain studies now support the idea that our thoughts produce identical mental commands as actions. The same parts of the brain light up when visualizing an action as when actually executing the action. One such study came out of Harvard that showed people could increase their physical health simply by thinking about it. 

This means our brains don’t know the difference between actually doing something or reaching a desired outcome and just visualizing it. If it works for Olympic athletes, it can work for you.

3. Remove Fear

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” – Henry Ford.

Earlier we learned that the brain can process up to 70,000 thoughts per day. According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of those thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive. That’s a lot of negativity! 

In order to manifest what it is you want, you must first believe that you deserve it. You have to shut down the negative self-talk and self-doubt. My favorite brain coach Jim Kwik says our brains are supercomputers and our self-talk is the program it will run. 

Thanks to neuroplasticity, we can actually create new neural pathways and rewire our brains with new belief systems. When you replace your negative self-talk with positive affirmations you start creating the energetic momentum necessary to manifest your desires. 

4. Take Action 

It’s not enough to visualize a loving relationship, better health or a more successful career to have it become reality, you have to align your actions with your desires. 

If you want more love in your life, you have to start first by loving yourself. If you’re looking to manifest better health, you can’t eat take-out every night. If you want that job promotion, you have to start acting like you have the job already. 

Gabby Bernstein says when you practice living “as if,” you raise your energetic vibration. You become your manifestation. Manifesting is about being in alignment with your desire. 

To live the life of your dreams, start by being thankful for all that you have right now. Find time to do some meditative visualization. Begin rewiring your brain with positive affirmations and then take aligned action. 

What are you going to manifest this year?

About Kimberly Flores

Kimberly Flores is the owner of fulFILLed, a zero waste store and refill shop located in Park City, Utah. With a mission to simplify low-waste living, fulFILLed offers refillable household cleaning and personal care products as well as hundreds of package-free goods to those looking to live a life with less plastic. Before diving head on into entrepreneurship, Flores was the Public Relations Manager at Prior to her work with the early education nonprofit, Flores was the Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Salt Lake Chamber. For nearly 15 years, Flores was a television news journalist who won multiple awards for her breaking news and environmentally-focused investigative reports.