Each month, a member of the Business Women’s Forum Steering Committee writes a guest article related to their experience and expertise as a woman in business. This month’s article was written by Kimberly Flores, Founder of fulFILLed Lifestyle Co.

My journey into entrepreneurialism (while it feels like I’ve been at this forever) began just over two years ago. During this time, something surprising has grown within me, pushing me to go deeper, question everything and listen to my still inner voice. 

Typically, in the world of business, intuition often takes a back seat to logic and data-driven decision-making. Often dismissed as mere ‘gut feeling,’ intuition is actually a deep-seated, subconscious understanding that arises from a combination of knowledge, experience and emotional intelligence. Listening to my intuition has proved to be a potent tool I use to enhance my decision-making and, thus, my effectiveness as a business owner.

While both men and women possess this ability, I feel women are often better attuned to their intuition. Whether it’s a result of biology, cultural conditioning, experiential learning or for safety and survival, historically women have played roles that require them to be perceptive, empathetic and emotionally aware. However, people of all genders can develop and hone their intuitive abilities through self-awareness, practice and trust in their instincts. 

Here’s why you should leverage your intuition in the workplace:

  1. Effective Leadership: Leadership is not solely about strategy and authority; it should also involve empathy, emotional intelligence and the ability to connect with others on a deeper level. When a leader tunes into their intuitive insights, they can create an authentic and empathetic leadership style that better fosters trust, collaboration and employee engagement.
  1. Building Stronger Relationships: In business, relationships are paramount. Whether it’s negotiating deals, managing teams or cultivating client partnerships, the ability to connect authentically with others is crucial. A business leader who engages their intuition can better read between the lines, understand unspoken cues and forge meaningful connections that lead to successful collaborations and long-term relationships.
  1. Swift Decision-Making: In fast-paced environments, quick decisions are essential. While data analysis is valuable, it can sometimes lead to analysis paralysis. In those situations, where the data is inconclusive or contradictory, intuition can help to discern potential pitfalls and opportunities. Those who learn to trust their intuition can use it to make decisions quickly. This agility can be a significant asset, especially in industries where rapid adaptation is key to success.
  1. Enhanced Creativity: Intuition often sparks creativity and innovation. By tapping into intuitive insights, one can uncover unconventional solutions to challenges. Rather than relying solely on established methods, leaders who listen to their instincts can think outside the box and introduce fresh perspectives that drive progress and differentiation in their businesses.
  1. Personal Fulfillment: Following intuition isn’t just about achieving external success, it’s also about personal fulfillment and alignment with one’s values and passions. Those who honor their intuition are more likely to pursue paths that resonate with their authentic selves which can lead to a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction in their careers.

Intuition is a valuable tool that can and should be leveraged in business and the workplace. Again, embracing intuition isn’t about dismissing logic or data, it’s about integrating intuitive insights with analytical thinking to achieve holistic and impactful outcomes. As women continue to rise in leadership and in business ownership, embracing this special skill will be key to unlocking our full potential and reshaping the future of business.

About Kimberly Flores

Kimberly Flores is the owner of fulFILLed Lifestyle Co., a zero waste store and refill shop located in Park City, Utah. With a mission to simplify low-waste living, fulFILLed offers refillable household cleaning and personal care products as well as hundreds of package-free goods to those looking to live a life with less plastic. Before diving head on into entrepreneurship, Flores was the Public Relations Manager at Waterford.org. Prior to her work with the early education nonprofit, Flores was the Director of Public Relations and Communication at the Salt Lake Chamber. For nearly 15 years, Flores was a television news journalist who won multiple awards for her breaking news and environmentally-focused investigative reports.