The Salt Lake Chamber’s Water Champion H2Oath is founded on the precept that water is our most precious natural resource. As Utah faces an unprecedented drought, protecting and efficiently using the water supply is imperative to ensuring clean, safe and long-term drinking water. Businesses that sign the pledge are leaders in changing behavior patterns to conserve water. The Salt Lake Chamber is asking these businesses to share their stories to encourage other businesses to be water-wise.

Mountain West Hard Cider Company is Utah’s first dedicated cidery. Since its founding in 2015, owners Jennifer and Jeff Carleton have been using water-efficient equipment. 

“Historically, cideries don’t use water in their production, compared to breweries that do,” said Sara Gillins, Mountain West Hard Cider Marketing Manager. “So that does help, in a sense, to remain water-wise and conserve water just because we use apple juice instead.”

The first step business owners can take to become more water efficient is to assess their current water footprint.

“My advice for other businesses would be to have ongoing, constant chats and reminders with employees of what water conservation is and why it’s important,” said Gillins. “In the U.S., we have clean water to drink and bathe, and it can be hard for people to remember that it is a limited resource.”

The second step is to address issues that result from water spikes and costs before they become uncontrollable.

“We’ve been cutting down on landscaping and talking to all of our servers and staff to remind them of the importance of water conservation, not only at the business, but at their homes as well,” said Gillins.

The third step is to implement water-wise habits to make long-term changes. Mountain West Hard Cider employees have been doing just that by taking shorter showers, adjusting laundry loads and reducing lawn watering.

“Everything is going to change and quality of life is definitely going to go down if we don’t start preserving water,” said Gillins. “That’s why we want to be a part of making sure things don’t get any worse, at least trying to slow it down as much as we can.”

By signing the Water Champion H2Oath, businesses are supported as they engage in steps to preserve water. To take the oath, click here.

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