Privacy law is changing fast worldwide. On August 20, 2021, China passed a new privacy law which may impact many Utah businesses. It’s similar to the GDPR in Europe and goes into effect on November 1st (in two months). China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) applies to any company that does business in China or has employees in China. Many companies that were exempt from the GDPR and CCPA may need to comply with PIPL. So what is China’s new privacy law and how will it affect your business?

The Salt Lake Chamber partnered with World Trade Center Utah and Salt Lake based legal technology firm SixFifty to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about global privacy laws. Experts from SixFifty discussed

  • An overview of PIPL
  • How it compares and contrasts with the GDPR and other privacy laws
  • Who needs to comply
  • How to comply
  • Best practices and resources