On July 16, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number was changed to 988. The new, easy-to-remember code is a “historic milestone for mental health services,” according to Rachel Lucynski of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute

Not only can those in need now call the number, but they can also text. The number will direct users to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a resource that offers free crisis counseling and emotional support. 

For Utah’s business community, this change is an especially influential one.

“The workplace is a critical place for changing how our state addresses mental health,” said Kim Myers, Executive Committee Chair of the Utah Suicide Prevention Coalition. “We recognize that employers are quickly becoming leaders in the area of suicide prevention.”

The 988 hotline will join a plethora of resources available for Utahns, including SafeUT and several industry-specific mental health guides available for businesses. 

“Workforce mental health is a priority for Utah Community Builders,” said UCB Director Nic Dunn. “The new, easy to remember, three-digit hotline is a vitally important next step for simplifying access to mental health resources for Utahns.”

For more information on mental health resources for you or your loved ones, visit the 988 Lifeline website or view the Utah Community Builder’s Workforce Resilience through Mental fitness campaign.