The Founder 100 recognizes and celebrates the vision, hard work and achievements of Utah’s top entrepreneurs. It will foster terrific networking opportunities with Utah’s entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and partner organizations. As a community effort, it underscores the broad, community-minded and collaborative nature of Utah’s rich entrepreneurship culture that is constantly acknowledged by many organizations. It serves as a means for like-minded peers — Utah’s entrepreneurs, and an interconnected ecosystem that supports them — to  collectively contribute to the common goal of building Utah’s healthy entrepreneurship ecosystem while simultaneously growing their own startups.

How does it work?  

The Founder 100 is a two-part process: 1) a community-nominated and 2) peer-selected recognition program and celebratory event of Utah’s top 100 founders.

Phase 1, the public nomination process, will last until May 21, 2024. The nomination page is here:

Phase 2 is a private voting process whereby those who were nominated in phase 1 may vote for up to ten people on the list of nominees.

Whereupon each nominee will receive a link to a page where they can vote for the person that they believe is a top entrepreneur in Utah. 

Thereafter, an independent panel of judges will review the voting data and select the top 100 winners.

Who may participate in nominating and voting? 

The first stage, the nomination stage, is intended for anyone in Utah that is interested in Utah’s entrepreneur community. They may go to the nomination webpage and nominate between 1 and 10 founders. Anyone interested in Utah’s vibrant technology culture is permitted to nominate — startup founders, tech execs, investors, students, professors, policy-makers —anyone who knows about a remarkable founder, well-known or obscure, that is doing innovative things, building value and is at the forefront of innovation and growth in Utah’s powerful startup community.

Who is supporting it?

The Founder 100 has a long list of Utah-based investors, tech companies, media and other organizations that are supporting it through a mix of donations, commitments to participate in the June gala, media coverage, use of facilities, and other tangible and intangible supports. 

Join us in nominating Utah’s top entrepreneurs at