Last month, The Larry H. Miller Company unveiled the renderings for a historic development at the Power District. This nearly 100-acre site near the Fairpark and Jordan River serves as the perfect location for a legacy development that is smart, strategic and exciting. The plan put forth by The Larry H. Miller Company, affirming its status as the preferred site for Major League Baseball (MLB), not only promises economic prosperity, but knows it will contribute to the cultural enrichment and unity of our community. 

The Larry H. Miller Company’s vision and dedication have laid the groundwork, and with a commitment to maintaining open spaces, enhancing the Jordan River and establishing Salt Lake City as a river city, the Power District encapsulates Utah’s values and prosperity as well. 

What makes this project unique is how the Power District is perfectly positioned as the gateway between the airport and Downtown Salt Lake City. Its proximity to transportation, hotels, restaurants, housing and entertainment options allows the community to offer amenities for players and fans alike. By leveraging this prime real estate, we have the chance to redefine Salt Lake City as a vibrant river city with views of the skyline, majestic mountains and open space for recreational opportunities; while simultaneously preserving our natural resources and celebrating our agricultural heritage promoted by the State Fairpark.

The location of the Power District and the potential ballpark are catalytic opportunities for the westside community. The Larry H. Miller Company wants this project to be done in a way that benefits the community in which it resides, by finding ways to involve people from all walks of life and effectively communicate what is happening. This collaborative approach is a testament to their dedication to creating a space that not only hosts baseball games, but also becomes an integral part of our city and state’s identity.

Utah’s future is bright. We see so much potential for economic prosperity and unity with these endeavors and are grateful for the passion and commitment of those involved to make it a reality. The Salt Lake Chamber is supportive of this process, and as this project progresses, we invite your consideration and support for this significant investment opportunity. Updates on this transformative initiative will follow, and we look forward to the positive impact it will bring to Utah’s economic and cultural landscape.