Happy New Year! The countdown, fireworks and celebrations not only mark the start of a new year but also symbolize fresh beginnings, endless possibilities and exciting prospects. Much like turning the page of a beloved book, in this new year, Utah will continue the strides made in the past chapter. And I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead.

It is no secret that Utah is making a name for itself among the global economic elite. This year will, without a doubt, be a year of growth, progress and legacy projects. Utah has incredible momentum. For example, last year:

Leading into this year, we are seeing steady job growth, low unemployment and high labor force participation. The Chamber’s soon-to-be-released 2024 Public Policy Guide will further signal our commitment to policies that will not only stimulate economic prosperity but also prioritize workforce development, environmental stewardship, quality of life and economic inclusivity. 

The Salt Lake Chamber is deeply invested in championing the aspirations of our business community, and we are excited to continue supporting and providing value to Utah businesses in 2024. In this endeavor, we need your support and engagement in advocating for pro-business public policy this legislative session. Contact us to see how you can get more involved.  

Lastly, this year at the Salt Lake Chamber, we are embracing the “New Utah” as described in the insightful monograph from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. As a state, we are putting innovative strategies into action to ignite economic growth and enhance community prosperity amid demographic shifts and economic challenges and transformations. 

Our vision for a “New Utah” encompasses not only a robust economic landscape but also a commitment to community well-being and sustainable growth. This vision will propel Utah forward and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the New Utah vision. 

May this new chapter bring prosperity, success and joy to all of you. Let’s embrace the blank pages of the new year and create a story that celebrates this state we are all proud to call home.