“If you build it, they will come” – The iconic line from the famous baseball film Field of Dreams captured the imagination of a generation. As a community of innovators, creators and entrepreneurs, this rings true. Over the past several decades, our state and capital city have seen significant development, and with it, an influx of people looking to benefit from and contribute to the prosperity our community provides – a renowned business climate, strong job market and first class quality of life.

One of the newest features helping to bolster this prosperity is our new international airport. The New SLC is the only U.S. airport built in the 21st century, and its projected economic impact is forecasted at $5.5 billion. Aside from the structural improvements, the redesign brings new terminal capacity, vendors, beautiful art, and investment. And the result is people and business coming to our state.

In addition, new airlines are coming to our terminals, and new routes are opening that will foster travel between Utah and more cities across the globe. These flights will create lasting connections between Salt Lake City and the world. For example, Delta has resumed nonstop flights to London and Air Canada, and now offers flights to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition to international locations, Spirit Airlines has joined the roster of airlines serving smaller cities and the important markets they represent.

Air travel has soared back with passengers traversing SLC International Airport at a steady level of 2.25 million visitors a month. This is after only two years from the largest drop in air travel – to 180,000 visitors – at the beginning of the pandemic. Although the new airport is attracting more travelers, it remains one of the most on-time airports in the country.

Building at the new airport continues and new phases are moving forward with the concourse and gateways opening next year. This will bring even more capacity, routes, and passenger services at the airport.

The new Salt Lake City International Airport will not only continue to serve the Intermountain West, but continue to bring opportunities to our community for generations to come. For example, the airport will be a key component in Utah’s Olympic bid, our tourism economy, conventions, and more.

The undertaking to expand and build this airport was not an easy decision, and the pandemic could have derailed the project, but those in charge never wavered. They knew that if they built it, the benefits would come. The New SLC will continue to bring the world to Utah and facilitate our interaction with new peoples, cultures, businesses and adventures.