As warmer weather brings more people out of homes and into our vibrant Capital City, I am reminded that the soul of any community is rooted in its culture — the steady hum of entertainment, restaurants and events that bring a place to life. We are fortunate to have all of those things and more in our downtown, and if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s how important community really is. During these next spring and summer months, I encourage you to go out and truly experience what Salt Lake City has to offer, including the Downtown Farmers Market, Open Streets and The BLOCKS.

Downtown Farmers Market

For more than 30 years, the Downtown Farmers Market has been a Saturday staple at Pioneer Park and represents the best the state has to offer in terms of produce, food and crafts. The mission of the market is to support sustainable, regional agriculture; build community gathering places; increase access to nutritious, local foods in urban areas; and educate the consumer about shopping local. By helping Utahns share self-reliant habits by providing a venue to gather food, it also creates a sense of place and a respect for our agricultural pioneer heritage.

Open Streets

Open Streets started in response to the pandemic, but it was met with such excitement and success that it’s back again this year. Each weekend, downtown Salt Lake City’s Main Street is closed to cars and transformed into a promenade of pedestrians, performers and patrons as they come together to enjoy food and family. Local restaurants, bars and retailers extend their service areas onto the sidewalks for more outdoor dining and shopping. The heart of Salt Lake comes alive with musicians, buskers and art performers, turning the city evenings into a must-visit affair.


The BLOCKS represents Utah’s premier urban arts, cultural and entertainment district. If you’ve ever attended a concert, admired a piece of street art, browsed an art gallery, museum or been to a festival in downtown Salt Lake City, you’ve experienced THE BLOCKS. Large murals, sculptures, niche galleries and boutique storefronts will be your arts partner on your way through downtown. Through world-class programming and the energy of our creative community, this collaborative is establishing downtown Salt Lake as the premier urban cultural district of the Intermountain West.

Salt Lake City downtown will always have a special place in my heart as the cultural center of our state, a place where togetherness is always on display. It embodies collaborative spirit, economic vitality and the essence of home. We hope you will join us at these programs and experience the culture our community has worked so hard to create.