SALT LAKE CITY (April 9, 2024) — Nearly 20 years after launching the Downtown Rising initiative in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah’s business community has come together again to create a statewide economic vision. This vision – Utah Rising: A Free Enterprise Vision for Utah’s Economy – will be driven by proven principles while outlining opportunities for ongoing success and sustainable growth. Convened by the Salt Lake Chamber, in collaboration with the public and private sectors, Utah Rising will address critical issues with innovative and long-term economic solutions for all who call Utah home. 

At a media event held earlier today, business leaders highlighted Utah’s economic history and the power of strategic business investments and collaboration – including the Salt Lake City International Airport, Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Downtown Rising, the Utah Jazz,and infrastructure improvements – to demonstrate that initiatives, driven by a blend of visionary foresight and practical execution, lead to sustainable development and economic growth. 

“When any business makes a thoughtful decision to be visionary, we see incredible results,” says Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “Utah Rising is a way to unify Utah’s diverse business sector voices in a shared vision for statewide prosperity by aligning and accelerating a broad coalition of individuals and organizations.”

Utah is experiencing shifts to its economic landscape and demographics, and the Utah Rising vision will address statewide needs by leveraging the skills and talents of the private sector to ensure Utah’s economy and people thrive far into the future. 

“Utah’s growth is at an inflection point,” said Natalie Gochnour, Director of the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. “We are moving from a small- to mid-size state with an aging and diversifying population. The private and public sectors must work together on a vision that addresses the needs, challenges, and opportunities in front of us to maintain Utah’s elite economy and elevate life quality for all Utahns.”

Spencer P. Eccles, Chair of the Utah Rising Steering Committee and Co-founder and Managing Partner of The Cynosure Group, discussed some of the guiding principles of Utah Rising. They include:

  • Common ground and collaboration for a shared vision of sustainable growth and statewide prosperity.
  • Bold vision and pragmatic action to harness market forces and achieve results that reimagine the possible.
  • Quality of life and upward mobility that creates opportunity for all Utahns.
  • Culture of hard work and community building that give Utah a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Private sector innovation and public sector support to unleash the power of free enterprise.

“Utah’s vibrancy as a state is a direct result of our business and civic leaders choosing to engage, commit time and resources to building a better community and economy,” said Eccles. “I’m thrilled to be helping forge a new era of economic common ground.”

Chris McCormick, Cedar City Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, also issued a call to action to the business community, asking every chamber statewide to rally their business community to adapt and implement the forthcoming vision to realize regional and local economic success.

Businesses and those interested in learning more can visit to get involved.