Utah Business Community Celebrates Legislators Keeping Utah Economy Strong

Salt Lake City, UT (May 17, 2023) – The Salt Lake Chamber presented the Legislative Business Champion awards today to legislators who passed laws on building our economic foundation and expanding prosperity for all Utahns during the 2023 General Legislative Session.

This year, 68 lawmakers received the Legislative Business Champion Award. This award is given to legislators who supported at least 90% of the Salt Lake Chamber’s priorities during the 2023 Legislative Session. The title of Legislative Business Champion is directly tied to a legislator’s support and voting record on the Salt Lake Chamber’s “Priority Votes.” During each legislative session, the Chamber’s Board of Directors designates the top priorities of the business community as “Priority Votes.” Each of these lawmakers represents a strong voice for Utah’s economy and future prosperity.

“As Utah continues to receive accolades for our job growth, business environment and quality of life, it becomes more important than ever that we advocate cooperation and common purpose,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “Utah is fortunate to have an elected group of public servants that espouse these core principles and recognize that a strong business sector means prosperous families and communities. Each year, the Chamber sets legislative priorities that enhance opportunity and serve current and future generations.”

The Salt Lake Chamber also recognized Sen. Kirk Cullimore as the 2023 Legislator of the Year for his work on bringing together disparate groups and building consensus on a number of important issues. This approach involves listening to a wide range of perspectives, finding common ground and working to get solutions passed into legislation. In addition, the Chamber presented Eliana White, director of government affairs for SelectHealth, with the 2023 Legislative Leadership Award for her involvement and contributions to healthcare-related legislation during the legislative session. The award recognizes an outstanding Chamber member for their partnership and contributions

Upon learning of the recognition, White said, “I am honored to receive the Legislative Leadership award from The Salt Lake Chamber, and I am proud to partner with them in creating policies that benefit our community.”

The 2023 Legislative Business Champions Include:


  • Rep. Nelson Abbott
  • Rep. Cheryl Acton
  • Rep. Melissa Garff Ballard
  • Rep. Gay Lynn Bennion
  • Rep. Bridger Bolinder
  • Rep. Brady Brammer
  • Rep. Joel K. Briscoe
  • Rep. Walt Brooks
  • Rep. Jay Cobb
  • Rep. Paul Cutler
  • Rep. Jen Daily-Provost
  • Rep. Jim Dunnigan
  • Rep. Steve Eliason
  • Rep. Joseph Elison
  • Rep. Brett Garner
  • Rep. Matt Gwynn
  • Rep. Jon Hawkins
  • Rep. Sahara Hayes
  • Rep. Sandra Hollins
  • Rep. Colin Jack 
  • Rep. Dan Johnson
  • Rep. Marsha Judkins
  • Rep. Brian S. King
  • Rep. Jason Kyle 
  • Rep. Rosemary Lesser
  • Rep. Karianne Lisonbee
  • Rep. Anthony Loubet
  • Rep. Steve Lund
  • Rep. Cory Maloy
  • Rep. Ashlee Matthews
  • Rep. Carol Spackman Moss
  • Rep. Jefferson Moss
  • Rep. Calvin Musselman
  • Rep. Doug Owens
  • Rep. Karen Peterson
  • Rep. Val L. Peterson
  • Rep. Susan Pulsipher
  • Rep. Angela Romero
  • Rep. Mike Schultz
  • Rep. Robert M. Spendlove
  • Rep. Jeffrey Stenquist
  • Rep. Andrew Stoddard
  • Rep. Jordan Teuscher
  • Rep. Raymond Ward
  • Rep. Christine F. Watkins
  • Rep. Stephen Whyte
  • Rep. Brad Wilson


  • Sen. Stuart Adams
  • Sen. Nate Blouin
  • Sen. Curt Bramble
  • Sen. Gregg Buxton
  • Sen. Kirk Cullimore
  • Sen. Luz Escamilla
  • Sen. Keith Grover
  • Sen. Don L. Ipson
  • Sen. Karen Kwan
  • Sen. Michael McKell
  • Sen. Ann Millner
  • Sen. Derrin Owens
  • Sen. Stephanie Pitcher
  • Sen. Jen Plumb
  • Sen. Kathleen Riebe
  • Sen. Scott Sandall
  • Sen. Jerry Stevenson
  • Sen. Evan Vickers
  • Sen. Todd Weiler
  • Sen. Chris Wilson
  • Sen. Ronald Winterton 

Lawmakers were recognized for their efforts at an awards breakfast held in their honor with the Chamber’s Board of Governors and Circle Level Members at the Grand America Hotel. To view the 2023 Legislative Scorecard, see below or click here.