SheMoney, the financial organization for women+ founded by local philanthropist and financier Jacki Zehner (the first female trader to become a pre-IPO partner at Goldman Sachs), announced its inaugural event: MONEY MATTERS. The Summit will take place at the Hyatt Regency, Salt Lake City, the evening of June 6th & for a full day on June 7th, 2024.

The inaugural event features trailblazers such as Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, the first Native American to establish an investment bank on Wall Street; Jacki Zehner, the first female trader to become a pre-IPO partner at Goldman Sachs; Rosie Rios, former 43rd Treasurer of the United States, whose signature adorns $1.2 trillion of U.S. currency; and Joline Godfrey, an author and educator on how to raise financially capable children. These are just a few of the 14 financial experts coming together on June 7th for this landmark event.

Thanks to the generous support of Zions Bank, the Utah State Legislature, Comcast/NBCUniversal, the University of Utah, and numerous others, The SheMoney Summit will feature a dynamic program of “money talks” inspired by the short, impactful TED-format, coupled with actionable workshops covering a spectrum of “Money +” topics including Skillful Negotiation, Investing Strategies, Raising Financially Fit Kids, Entrepreneurship, Financial Trauma, Managing Spending and Giving.

The Summit will be an experiential event centered on the theme: MONEY MATTERS. In addition to thought-provoking discussions, attendees will be treated to captivating performances by local talents in poetry, music, film and “money monologues,” providing sensory experiences designed to highlight the complex and interwoven role money plays in our lives. For years, Utah has ranked among the best states for business, yet it lags in gender equity, evidenced by a significant gender pay gap and underrepresentation of women in executive roles. The SheMoney Summit aims to equip attendees with the tools and insights needed to advance their personal financial journey, supported by a money-curious community. Getting good with money is not just knowing what to do, but
having others to do it with. This unique event has been designed by women+ for women+—though all are welcome!

“Money is not optional; it’s essential for us to survive and thrive. When it comes to money, no one has it all figured out. Whether you’re a recent graduate or one of Utah’s wealthiest individuals, this summit is for you.” –Jacki Zehner, Founder – SheMoney

“My primary goal as 43rd Treasurer of the United States was to make structural changes to how women and girls are valued in history.” –Rosie Rios


  • Jacki Zehner / “A Money Manifesta!”
  • Rosie Rios / “Inspirations & Aspirations”
  • Ashley Bell / “The Future of Allyship”
  • Chantel Chapman / “The Trauma of Money”
  • Heather McCulloch / “What if the Economy Worked for Women?”
  • Joline Godfrey / “Raising Financially Fit Kids”
  • Nathalie Molina Niño / “Future-Proofing Your Legacy”
  • Valerie Red-Horse Mohl / “Future-Proofing Your Legacy”


  • Money + NEGOTIATION / Kathryn Valentine
  • Money + ENTREPRENERUSHIP / Nathalie Molino Nino
  • Money + PARENTING / Joline Godfrey
  • Money + INVESTING / Dr. Jatalie Bellanton
  • Money + TRAUMA / Chantel Chapman
  • Money + SPENDING / Amanda Christensen
  • Money + GIVING / E. Bouchard, T. Boyles, K. Heald

This innovative day-and-a-half event is affordably priced at $349 ($1,200 value/attendee), thanks to our early partners. Additionally,
we offer an Employee Wellness Sponsorship Package for companies seeking to enhance the financial well-being of their
employees, available for groups of 5+. Scholarships are also available to cover the full price of the ticket. Contact for group packages and/or scholarship opportunities.

Come ready to reimagine your relationship with money, and to take the next step towards greater financial health. Register for the
SheMoney Summit today at Explore the website for additional details!

SheMoney’s mission is to ignite the power of women+ by championing their path to financial freedom, through education,
networking, community and experiences. We are a Utah-based, women-owned company, working toward financial health for all.