The Salt Lake Chamber’s Water Champion H2Oath is founded on the precept that water is our most precious natural resource. As Utah faces an unprecedented drought, protecting and efficiently using the water supply is imperative to ensuring clean, safe and long-term drinking water. Businesses that sign the pledge are leaders in changing behavior patterns to conserve water. The Salt Lake Chamber is asking these businesses to share their stories to encourage other businesses to be water-wise.

The Smart Rain SmartApp™ does more than regulate weather-based irrigation – it’s a cutting-edge, high-tech water management system.

“We use artificial intelligence and Google Mapping to conserve and manage water and help people save money, while hopefully making an impact on the environment,” said Vice President of Sales Robert Densley.

The app tells users how much water is being used, saved and how many times the sprinklers didn’t turn on because it was going to rain. It was designed to not only conserve water, but to make any part of landscape maintenance an easier process.

“We can calculate how much water is still in the ground by formulas,” said Densley. “So even if it hasn’t rained but it’s been cool enough that the water hasn’t evaporated, the sprinklers won’t go off.”

When it comes to saving water, it’s the little details that make a big difference – like the type of soil and plant. Everything is tracked in Smart Rain’s reports that show how “green” your company or residential yard is.

“We have account managers on-site at our building that manage every single one of our accounts,” said Densley. “Which means, we’ll actually pull and do audits for our clients and tell them how much money and water they saved in that current year.”

As a small business, raising awareness has been a key factor in Smart Rain’s growth and success.

“Small businesses have the challenge of getting people to know who they are,” said Densley. “If you don’t know that a small business exists, you can’t ever support it. It’s a matter of people going out and doing a little research on their own to dig a bit deeper beyond the name, players and game.”

As a Salt Lake Chamber member, Smart Rain has been able to gain exposure and promote itself through networking opportunities.

“For us, the Chamber is a networking group where we can talk to small business owners and different groups to make a change for them and for us, and to hopefully bring recognition to what we do and how we do it,” said Densley.

As a result, Smart Rain has been able to share its business philosophy with the community.

“We want people to realize that our number one goal is to make a difference in the water usage of the state,” said Densley. “When all’s said and done, we’re doing everything we can, and if we do it right, we can make a significant difference. We can save millions of gallons of water and can do it quickly. We’re discounting and doing everything else, especially during the drought so that people can save water now.”

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