Snow College and Utah Valley University (UVU) have announced a new agreement that will provide Snow College students with the opportunity to earn a UVU bachelor’s degree in elementary education without leaving the campus in Ephraim.

This partnership, known as the “2+2 Education Model,” aims to address the teacher shortage in rural Utah and create a pathway for aspiring educators to obtain a four-year degree.

Under the 2+2 Education Model, Snow College students in good academic standing who complete an associate degree or 60 credits in elementary education will be automatically accepted into UVU’s School of Education. These students can immediately begin working towards their third and fourth years of a UVU bachelor’s degree on the Snow College Campus. They can also transfer to UVU’s Orem Campus if they wish.

“This agreement is an example of how teamwork between schools in Utah’s System of Higher Education (USHE) can benefit all students,” said Michael Austin, provost at Snow College. “We see ourselves as partners working to eliminate barriers that keep students from graduating. It will allow students who can’t move to stay at home and earn a bachelor’s degree.”

Starting in the fall semester of 2024, a small group of students will embark on their educational journey through this program. UVU faculty will travel to Ephraim multiple times a week to teach classes at Snow College, and local adjunct instructors will be utilized. It is worth noting that UVU’s elementary education cohorts typically consist of no more than 25 students.

Kristen Weller, a Snow College graduate who enrolled in the Ephraim-based UVU classes this fall, said, “This program is the perfect fit for me! I will be able to continue working part time at the elementary school while also pursuing the degree that I’ve been hoping to pursue. Being able to take classes in person in the afternoon/evening is exactly the program I needed.”

UVU scholarships of between $1,000-$2,000 per semester in the first year of the program will be available for Snow College graduates like Weller who sign up as part of the fall 2024 cohort in Ephraim. Plus, students on Snow College presidential scholarships will also receive a scholarship award from UVU for their third and fourth years.

Students without a presidential scholarship can apply for one of the following at UVU, including the Continuing StudentFirst-GenerationTransferring StudentGreenlight, Reach, and Returning Wolverine scholarships, among others.

In addition, UVU has made it possible for all Snow College graduates, including elementary education majors, to be automatically admitted to UVU without going through the regular transfer process. Expanded scholarship offerings are available to high-achieving students after their two years at Snow.

“The collaboration between Snow College and UVU exemplifies the power of partnership in higher education,” said Wayne Vaught, provost and senior vice president at UVU. “By expanding access to quality education, this program will not only produce more qualified teachers for rural schools but also contribute to the overall development of stronger communities in Utah.”

The 2+2 Education Model not only addresses the teacher shortage in rural Utah but also provides an opportunity for paraprofessionals who currently lack the necessary educational credentials to become qualified elementary school teachers. This program is particularly beneficial for individuals who are already working full-time and cannot relocate to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university.

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