Graduates can transfer directly into UVU’s Integrated Studies Program and receive credit

Orem, Utah — Snow College students in good academic standing who complete an associate degree, or 60 credits toward third-year status, will be accepted into Utah Valley University’s Integrated Studies Program thanks to a new agreement between the two schools.

When Snow College students register at UVU, an open-enrollment institution, Snow’s general education foundations course will automatically fulfill UVU’s knowledge integrated (IS 2000) requirement. This makes it possible for students to begin working toward their third year immediately.

“This agreement is an example of how teamwork between schools in Utah’s System of Higher Education (USHE) can benefit all students,” said Heather Holland, assistant professor of English at Snow College, creator of the agreement, and a UVU integrated studies graduate. “This will allow students who are interested to make a seamless transfer to UVU and continue their education.”

In addition to the Snow College agreement, UVU has agreements with the University of Utah that fast-track UVU students into the U’s Master of Healthcare Administration program and provides access to scholarships. UVU’s agreement with Mountainland Technical College allows MTECH licensed practical nurse graduates to transfer their credits into UVU’s Nursing Program easily.

“All of the agreements are good news for students,” said Frederick H. White, director of UVU’s Integrated Studies Program. “The agreement with Snow College allows for direct access into the Integrated Studies Program at UVU, which offers students a unique opportunity to create their own degree for their specific career goals. Students select two minors out of more than 70 offered at the university and combine these minors in meaningful ways through a capstone paper or project at the end of their academic career. We are excited to admit Snow College students into our program and accelerate their education.”