This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. There are ten world-class ski resorts just an hour away from the Salt Lake Airport, and one of those is Alta. Andria Huskinson, the resort’s communications manager for Alta is here with the latest about the greatest snow on earth.


Utah residents and visitors from around the world have been coming to Alta for 84 years, enjoying some of the greatest skiing in the world. Our average annual snowfall is a stunning 540 inches – that’s 45 feet of snow each year.  Between the start of December and New Year’s Eve, Alta received 143 inches of snow and we’re looking forward to more.

At Alta, the snow is for every skier – beginner to expert, and this season we’ve added new fully immersive guided tours that include on-hill ski instruction and adult learn-to-ski programs.  We also conduct year-round tours highlighting Alta’s geology and unique environment, and we host sustainability events in the summer.

Last year we planted over 6,000 plant and tree seedlings to help with ongoing restoration and reforestation efforts. Of course, winter skiing is what we’re known for so “Come for the skiing. And, stay for the skiing at Alta.”


Utah has the greatest snow on earth.  Our unique geology and weather leads to snow that has the best flotation for skiing.  The impact on Utah is huge – 20,000 jobs and $1.7 billion in revenue.  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.