This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Nearly 20 years ago, a small group of dedicated parents formed the American Preparatory Academy which today serves over 5,000 students on six Utah campuses. Executive Director Carolyn Sharette tells us more.


At American Prep, our passion is to “do what’s best for kids” so when making decisions we ask ourselves first, what would be best for our students? Our unique model includes powerful character, civic, and patriotic education. And Utah families have responded – we have waitlists at every campus, every year.

Our duty is to uphold the taxpayer trust by teaching students to appreciate the amazing gift of education. We encourage students to repay this trust through diligence, hard work and achievement – to be prepared to change the world for the better.

American Prep has earned a number one ranking for college readiness from US News and World Report, and we’ve won 23 Best of State awards. These accolades are appreciated, but the best reward is earning parent trust, seeing our students succeed, and engaging in building the next generation of great Americans.


In addition to the six campuses in Utah, American Prep has also established a sister campus in the African nation of Zambia. Find out more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.