This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Many companies turn to outside experts for help with payroll, staffing, recruiting, and more. One of those expert firms is BBSI. Here’s area manager Richard Webb to explains what his business offers.


BBSI is a national company with regional offices around the United States. Each branch is locally operated to serve local business. In addition to payroll, human resources, and other benefits, we work closely company owners, coaching them on how to solve problems and helping them reach their growth goals.

We do this both for our clients and as a free service to local businesses. We believe that in helping others succeed, we help our communities thrive.

Two things make BBSI unique; 1- Each client is paired with a local team of experts that are permanently assigned to work with that business and 2- Each BBSI member is a consultant who proactively coaches owners on strategy and growth.

At BBSI Salt Lake City, we retain 93% of our clients, which means not only are business owners happy with us, but we are making a difference in helping them stay in business.


For over 50 years, BBSI has been providing human resource and payroll services to companies across America, as well coaching owners toward success. If your company needs help, consider BBSI today. Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.