This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Success in the workplace comes through hard work, wise decisions, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. But mental health issues can sometimes interfere. James Hadlock founded BluNovus to help companies support their employees, and he’s here to tell us how.


At Blunovus, we know 87% of managers have reported they or members of their team have experienced at least one mental health challenge over the past year.

To increase retention, productivity, and workplace well-being, it’s more important than ever to build strong employee relationships and take a preventative approach to mental health on a cultural level.

As a human connection company, Blunovus understands that people need people, that’s why we provide employees—and their loved ones—with 24/7 mental health support and the resources needed to help heal. We help organizations level-up their leadership and support their people through manager training certifications and executive coaching.

Our goal is to help you and your organization move upstream and proactively address mental health in the workplace well before a crisis ever occurs. We believe by reducing the stigma, we also reduce stress and burnout which, in turn, creates happier and healthier workforces.


Experts say that of those employees and managers with mental issues, only half are being treated. To improve company performance, wise firms are now turning to companies like BluNovus. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.