This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Boart Longyear is headquarted in Utah and has operations around the globe, providing equipment and services to mining concerns everywhere. Jeff Olsen is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and explains what they do.


Boart Longyear is a global mining services company that includes the world’s largest specialized drilling services provider, an industry-leading mining equipment manufacturer, and a cutting-edge mining technology platform.

Our company was founded in 1890 and across the company’s 130+ years of history, we’ve developed numerous disruptive technologies that have improved the efficiency of the mining industry. We have a global reputation as the industry leader for innovation.

Our customers include the largest mining firms that focus on critical metals of the future, like copper and nickel. This places us at the forefront of mineral discovery for the green economy. Salt Lake City is our headquarters and we have almost 450 employees at our West Valley offices. We also operate on five continents with almost 6,000 employees worldwide.

In Utah, in addition to traditional corporate roles, we also have operational positions such as drillers, mechanics, engineers and geologists plus high-tech and commercial roles.


If you’re looking for a great job, check out Boart Longyear today. They seem to do it all, providing the mining industry with equipment and services, including mine dewatering, energy exploration, drilling, and more. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.