This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Café Rio is a Utah-based Mexican restaurant, with over 50 locations across the state and headquarters in the Brickyard area of Salt Lake City. President and CEO Steve Vaughan joins us with more. 

Steve Vaughan :

Café Rio was created in St. George Utah, in 1997, by Steve Stanley, a classically trained French chef. 27 years later, we continue to serve the “fresh modern Mexican” recipes Steve conceived when he spent the earlier part of his career in the Rio Grande Valley. 

At Café Rio, our mission is to create opportunities and change the lives of everyone we serve, including our team members. One of my favorite stories involves one of our multi-unit supervisors, who started her career at Café Rio as a cashier. She now oversees six locations and recently purchased her own home with the help of an incentive program we have for our management team. 

We are proud to be a Utah company, and we believe we are making a positive impact on the lives of our 5,000 team members in Utah and across the 10 other states where we do business. 

Derek Miller: 

In addition to providing fast, easy-to-order meal options, Café Rio also offers catering services for parties, events, business meetings and more. To learn more, visit their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.