This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Since 2005, Caspian Agency has been assisting select, purpose-driven organizations with creating top-tier events that promote both the bottom line and social impact. Founder Heather Mason joins us with more.

Heather Mason:

Events are critical to business success. Covid highlighted this importance when live meetings stopped, which is why the event industry has not only recovered but it’s thriving. Yet, many businesses still lack strategic planning for events which can waste money and staff time.

At Caspian Agency, we help companies develop long-term event strategies. We ask where an event or an event series will be in 2-3 years and then we create a business plan accordingly. We also assess the event value, not its budget, to enable better resource allocation. This ensures that every dime spent yields a multiple return and we also analyze staff time to free them up.

We’ve produced events for the Rockefeller Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Ford Foundation and others around the country and around the world.

We want every event to deliver meaningful business value, and we’re thrilled to bring our services to Utah. Find out more at

Derek Miller:

Caspian Agency’s proprietary method ensures strategic discipline, creativity and logistical rigor, and leads to excellent, unique results. By approaching events as individual business plans, they’ve codified every step between strategy and metrics, providing a replicable roadmap to success. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.