This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. When it comes to making Utah what it is today, the Clyde Companies stand out. Company President Jeremy Hafen tells us more about who they are and how they make our state a better place to live.


Clyde Companies is one of the largest privately-owned enterprises in Utah. We have eight subsidiary organizations in the construction, building materials and insurance industries, including WW Clyde, Geneva Rock, Sunroc, IHC Scott, Sunpro, GWC Capital, Bridgesource, and Beehive Insurance.

For nearly a century we’ve been involved in nearly every aspect of building and construction in Utah and the surrounding states, and we’re planning now for another 100 great years. From project start to completion, Clyde Companies provides the infrastructure products and services to keep Utah growing. 

Our business success helps us fulfill our mission of “Building a Better Community.” We proudly support the individuals, schools, charities, and businesses in the communities we call home, through the giving of time, materials, and monetary donations.

At Clyde Companies, keeping our word, creating high-quality products, and valuing people are central to our core values and way of life.


The Clyde Companies have a workforce of over 4,500 people working throughout Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and, of course, we’re proud to say Utah. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.