This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Cooper Savas is a full-service public accounting firm with offices in Salt Lake City and Cottonwood Heights. Jason Howell recently became a full partner at the firm and is here to tell us more.


Taxes are one of the biggest expenses for business owners. At Cooper Savas, we know what it takes to comply and minimize tax expense.

As business leaders continually create value, they need clarity of the financial framework in which they are making decisions. Knowing their regulatory demands and opportunities gives them the confidence to grow. Cooper Savas expertly guides local companies as well as those with worldwide operations through their unique situations with a focus on their success.

Cooper Savas skillfully plans, consults, and prepares tax returns and provisions. Our audit group is the go-to team for employee benefit plan audits. We navigate complex requirements so that Utah’s businesses can thrive in what they do best.

Founded right here in Utah, we love helping fellow businesses achieve economic excellence. Decades of trusted and acclaimed professional accounting services make Cooper Savas a dependable resource for Utah’s enterprising leaders.


The Cooper Savas accounting firm has more than 30 years of experience helping clients succeed. Whether it’s taxes, trusts, estates, or more, the team at Cooper Savas can do it all. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.