This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Digital Respons-Ability is a mission-based tech company dedicated to helping young people use technology responsibly. They also equip educators with the certifications and curriculum they need to become digital educators. Founder Carrie Rogers Whitehead joins us with more.

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead:
Digital Respons-Ability is a research-based education company that has trained tens of thousands of parents, students and educators on digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is the ethical and responsible use of technology. It includes anything from internet safety, media literacy, the digital economy, digital law, digital literacy and more.

We equip administrators and educators with the resources they need to join us in training the next generation to be informed and empowered digital citizens at a school level. With over 200,000 hours working with students, we know what it’s like to work hands-on with students in the classroom. Last year, Digital Respons-Ability won a CODiE award for “Best Digital Citizenship Solution” from the Software and Information Industry Association.

We’re trusted by our partners in education technology as champions in the field of digital citizenship nationwide. If you’re an educator, student, or parent looking to learn more, visit our website at

Derek Miller:
In a world full of technology and cyber-threats, it’s more important than ever to learn ways to stay safe online, and Digital Respons-Ability has the resources to help. Learn more at their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.